Monthly Archives: February 2015

Bad Habits vs. Trauma (PTSD) – Which is it?

How can we tell the difference between what is simply a bad habit versus a pattern of attitudes or behaviors in our lives that stem from trauma? We must first realize there is a difference between the two, and second, the techniques used to overcome them can be vastly different. Before this type of work can begin, let’s look at the difference. The rule of thumb I like to use in identifying a bad habit(s) is they are usually a result of personal skills that were never taught/learned or social skills which are unrefined and do not match the norm […]

Feeling a Little Disconnected Lately?

Have you ever awakened feeling disconnected, unmotivated, empty and lonely inside; even a little agitated but you just can’t figure out why? I certainly have. I even look around my room to check to be sure things are in order. I try to recall if I’ve forgotten any appointments or forgotten to pay any bills. Nope, everything is taken care of; life is good, but I still feel a little “funky” inside. Im just not hooked into my life or myself for that matter. It can be the strangest feeling and it seems to linger right there in the mid-section […]