Feeling a Little Disconnected Lately?

Have you ever awakened feeling disconnected, unmotivated, empty and lonely inside; even a little agitated but you just can’t figure out why? I certainly have. I even look around my room to check to be sure things are in order. I try to recall if I’ve forgotten any appointments or forgotten to pay any bills. Nope, everything is taken care of; life is good, but I still feel a little “funky” inside. Im just not hooked into my life or myself for that matter. It can be the strangest feeling and it seems to linger right there in the mid-section between my heart and stomach.

As many of you know, I am an avid practitioner of Yoga and Meditation and I’d like to share one easy technique that helps me move out of the feeling of disconnectedness. It’s a simple process called Grounding which is basically running energy up and down the spine to reconnect “me” to my core sense of self. There are many different ways of doing it but this technique happens to be a way that I find quick and easy plus it can be done anywhere … at work; sitting on a subway; restaurant, etc.

I usually begin my day with it. When I wake up in the morning I immediately go to the kitchen and make myself the most tastiest cup of coffee I can master. Yes … yes! I can already hear all of those gasps of OMG, she’s going to drink coffee before she meditates?

Well to be perfectly honest, yes! I do have a nice hot cup of coffee each and every morning of my life ….. Sorry guys, Ive given up so many things in my sobriety and quest for good health and enlightenment but coffee? Nope, that’s not happening. So if you’re a purest, then go ahead and make yourself a cup of tea or a smoothy or any one of your favorite things to sip on in the morning. This is the first step in reconnecting with oneself …. make yourself feel warm, cozy and special. Appreciate yourself and the morning that you have just so graciously awakened to.

The next step is to find a cozy spot to sit where I won’t be disturbed. I like to sit crosslegged with a straight spine. If you prefer a chair that works just as well. Plant both feet on the floor and again, be sure to sit up straight. Hands are relaxed on the thighs, eyes are closed focused on the tip of the nose. Now simply begin a nice long deep breath through your nostrils. The longer and deeper, the better. Begin to pay attention and follow your breath as you inhale and as you exhale. Follow it all the way down into your esophagus continuing deeper into the diaphragm. Hold it there for a moment and then exhale and follow it all the way back up and out through the nostrils. Continue this breath for a least 60 seconds. Remember, eyes are closed and focused at the tip of your nose.

At this point, let’s begin the simple visualization. Imagine you have a root that extends down from your tail-bone and penetrates through the crust of the Earth. Let’s keep extending it deeper and deeper into the Earth until it reaches all the way down to the center core of the Earth. Once it has reached the center, begin to wrap it around the core one, two, three maybe even four times. Really anchor yourself down and around the core — pull the root tight!

Don’t forget to breath. Remember, the breath is very important! As you now inhale, visualize your breath drawing energy up inside your root which leads into your lower spine; continue up along the entire length of the spine and just as it reaches the top of your skull, hold the breath and the energy here for a few seconds. Just hold it and try to feel it.

Notice any tingling, prickly, tickling sensations along the spine, the lower back or the back of the neck, etc. When you can no longer hold the breath, release it with a powerful exhale through the nostrils while at the same time contracting the muscles along the lower spine. Keep pushing the energy up and out through the top of your skull. Shoot it all the way up and out into the room. Imagine the energy filling the room around you …. keep holding that breath held out. As you’re holding the breath, return your attention back down to the Earth’s core and once again inhale deeply drawing energy back up along the root a second time, into and along the entire length of the spine. Again, hold the breath and energy here as long as you can and then powerfully exhale it out shooting the energy up and out of the top of your skull.

Do this at least 12 times and afterwards just relax, breath and allow your mind and body to simply be. Stay in this moment and know that you are connected and doing just fine. With each breath, feel your sense of self/core connected to the Earth and begin your day relaxed and grounded. Sat Nam All.

“Meditate, Activate and Consciously Participate in Your Own Amazing Journey”
~ Deborah/Dev 02.12.15

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