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Sobriety + Kundalini Yoga + Inner Child Work

Why Sobriety?

  • When confronting old feelings, thoughts and perceptions, we can no longer continue to self-medicate with the use of alcohol, drugs or any obsessive-compulsive behaviors that we use to escape those feelings or thoughts.
  • The tools learned in a 12 Step Program are useful in not only helping us to recover from self-defeating habits but they also provide an amazing template on how to deal and resolve many of life’s challenges.
  • Sitting with those who are able to share their experience, strength and hope is an immeasurable support system to have available as we move through this process.

These are just a few of the available 12 Step Programs

What is Kundalini Yoga?

  • It’s one of the oldest known yogic traditions
  • It uses breath/meditation to train and quiet the mind
  • It uses Asana/Yoga to train and relax the body
  • It uses Mantra/Sound to penetrate the subconscious mind, releasing old habits and perceptions that no longer serve you.

Kundalini Yoga represents the somatic release/healing part of the process by allowing the practitioner access to those underlying feelings, thoughts and memories that have been locked within the subconscious mind and body tissue for years. It stimulates and catapults the recovery process.

Why Inner Child Work?

  • By moving in and embracing the child within, we begin to honor ourselves as human beings
  • We realize what was done to us was not our fault
  • We release unwarranted guilt and shame
  • We assign responsibility to the appropriate parties
  • We detangle the heavy feelings held within our bodies, minds and hearts
  • We gain a cognitive understanding of how the abuse affected our lives as children and adults.
  • We begin to let go of old ways of doing things and old perceptions that no longer serve our purpose of well-being and begin to create new templates for living our lives.
  • We gain clarity of mind and a renewed perspective on life
  • We begin to develop a sense of self-acceptance, self-appreciation, self- love. We develop a healthy self-esteem.
  • We move out of the dark recesses of our subconscious minds into the lightness of our expansive hearts
  • We recapitulate our power and become powerful
  • We gain trust in ourselves, our intuitive voice and our abilities to recognize and pursue our dreams
  • We become re-invigorated and energized to meet life on life’s terms

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