About Deborah


Deborah is a Facilitator who combines Sobriety, Kundalini Yoga and trauma-focused Group Processing to gain individual Victory Over Trauma. This is a new paradigm of healing which she has personally experienced, researched and developed over the past decade.  Along with specializing and working with those in Recovery, Deborah is a trauma sensitive yoga instructor who understands the value of combining “Ancient Wisdom with New Thought” practices. She has witnessed the healing  power produced by this trifecta and now shares how it can assist in the reconciliation and release of fears, stress and worrisome thoughts. It promotes physical health, emotional happiness and spiritual tranquility. It builds endurance on all levels by honoring and supporting the individual through a gentle consistent practice. The message she wishes to pass along to each and every practitioner:

Total harmonious relaxation cures the body. To achieve this there must be coordination between the three facets of ourselves: Body, Mind and Soul.
~Yogi Bhajan


  • 2005 Deborah began practicing Kundalini Yoga under the direction of Tej Kaur Khalsa and in 2007 was certified as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor by the IKYTA.
  • 2007 to  present:  Teaches trauma-sensitive/recovery based yoga.  Until recently she taught a number of classes at Golden Bridge Yoga in Hollywood, CA and has just recently began a new series of classes at Swerve Yoga & Fitness in Los Angeles.
  • 2012  Completed a 5 year intensive Inner-child Therapeutic program under the direction of Dr. Arlene Drake, Ph.D., M.F.T.
  • 2012 to present –  Is participating in an on-going course of study under the direction of Norma Ramos-Ott, C.M.T. that examines Bioenergetics and Character Structure a field of work researched and developed by Wilhelm Reich,  a student of Sigmund Freud.