Offender’s Corner

In many cases Hypersexual Disorder is no different than any other addiction/ obsessive compulsive behavior. It controls a person’s thoughts and actions and it brings harm to the individual who is acting-out, to their family, friends and community. It leaves a trail of damage behind that carries exorbitant fiscal costs locally and nationally. Like all “addictions”, a person must come to a point that literally places them in such jeopardy that he or she is willing to admit they have a problem. It is only through this admission that anyone can begin to experience hope of recovery. It’s OK, every alcoholic and addict (regardless of the substance or behavior used) has had to come to this point in their lives. Take that next step … begin your process of healing.

Listed below are links to a couple of informative articles titled The Truth About Sex Offending and Can Sex Offenders Recover? I encourage you to read both and then follow through with a phone call to a local chapter of SA, SAA, SCA, SLAA, and SRA.