The Dynamic Life

The dynamic life will be the life you choose to operate and there is no individual outside of yourself who can predict what it will look like. Once a person has moved through the process of healing and recapitulation there are however, well-defined characteristics which do become apparent:

  • Your sense of Self and Value will no longer be attached to exterior influences such as people, places, things or situations.
  • The feeling of being “less-than”; self-questioning and doubt will dissipate.
  • The need for arrogance and grandiosity to manipulate and gain self appreciation will cease.
  • An esteemed and well-balanced sense of self (character) is experienced.
  • Functional and Respectful Boundaries are learned, established and maintained.
  • Awareness and Respect for one’s own Reality (the body; thinking; feelings and behavior) is experienced and expressed appropriately.
  • The ability to Understand, Acknowledge and Meet ones own Needs and becoming Interdependent with Others is gained.
  • Clarity of mind and perception will allow one to focus on specific goals no longer wasting time and energy on self-doubting thoughts and ideas.
  • Trusting oneself for care and protection will gain courage and faith in the future.
  • Emotional Intelligence (understanding how to direct ones feelings) is gained.

These are the tools used to construct a Dynamic Life.